Century Group, Inc.

centurygrp.jpgP.O. Box 228
1106 W. Napoleon
Sulphur, LA 70664
Phone: 337-527-5266 Ext 118 
Fax: 800-887-2153
Contact name: Miranda Thibodeaux, Executive Sales Manager
Main email address: railroad@centurygrp.com
Contact email address: mthibodeaux@centurygrp.com
Website:  www.centurygrp.com 

Century Group Inc. is one of the largest concrete crossing manufacturers in the USA. We own and operate plants in Louisiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama and North Carolina. Century Group supplies crossings to class I, shortline railroads, industry, transit, contractors and ports across the country.

Century Group crossing system incorporates an innovative attached rubber flangeway filler along with a heavy steel angle frame and high strength concrete. Century Group’s product line includes BNSF/UP “Common Standard” lag-down crossing panels, non-lag panels for use on concrete and steel ties, custom curve and turnout panels, DF track, ADA compliant pedestrian crossing panels and switch point covers.

Century Group also has a complete line of Spill Collection Pans in HDPE, metal, stainless steel and concrete. Our Enviropan® systems help end users comply with SPCC, CWA and SWPP regulations.

Keep your dollars in North Carolina by buying your crossings and Enviropan® systems from Century Group located in Princeton, North Carolina. Contact railroad@centurygrp.com, 1-800-527-5232, Ext. 118 or visit www.centurygrp.com.