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Other Contact: Bill Whitner, GM Industry/Short Line/Track Inspection
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For years C&S Rail Services has planned, coordinated and performed temporary road closures for interstates, state roads, county roads, city streets and private plant entrances. Our crews are trained, certified and credentialed through ATSSA (American Traffic Safety Services Association) approved training. Our crews are also E-rail certified, trained, certified and credentialed in Roadway Worker Protection to perform work on or near the railroad track for railroad crossing closures. We provide the following temporary road closure services:

  • Coordinate and schedule road closures with D.O.T, state and local municipalities and their agencies

  • Public communications/notifications through newspaper when required

  • Public communications/notifications through signage when required

  • Plan, route and set-up detours and barricades as required

  • Set-up of message boards for high-traffic roads as required

We provide all management, personnel, equipment, signs and tools.

Tie Distribution & Pick-up

Whether it is riding on top of the gondolas with one of our zero turn excavators on a moving train or using one of our Hi- Rail Material Handling Boom Trucks, we have the equipment and experienced operators to provide this service in the most safe, productive and economical manner.

Our Excavator’s are the most effective and efficient way to distribute ties for your larger jobs, riding right on top of the gondolas and laying out ties as the train moves down the rail. Our Hi-Rail Material Handling trucks are equipped with carts and can hold up to 1000 ties. Our Material Handling trucks are used in mass tie production for distributing and picking up ties when you are looking for an alternative solution to picking up or putting out ties without a locomotive.

Other Services We Offer

  • C&S Rail Services utilizes state of the art equipment designed with the railroads in mind and it is maintained through C&S Rail Services Preventative Mechanical Maintenance Program. This proactive system of inspections and servicing ensures our equipment is trustworthy and ready to go to work when you need it.
  • Of course, a critical element in choosing the right contractor for railroad work is not the equipment itself, but the expertise of the person who is operating it. C&S Rail Services unique qualifications to work for the railroads make it the right choice for any railroad project. Our professional operators are railroad specialists. They have received training in railroad applications, are current in safety and security certification requirements for all Class | railroads, and have spent years perfecting their craft in maintenance-of-way environments.

» Hi-Rail Boom Trucks with 24 ft. flat bed and a 27-ft. boom equipped with a grapple and a magnet, operated by an experienced CDL driver/equipment operator(s)

  • Loading, hauling and unloading railroad ties, 30 ft. sticks of rail, railroad spikes, railroad tie plates, etc., over the road or on the railroad track
  • Cleaning up debris or sorting material on the track or in the railroad yard

  • Clearing track of storm debris

  • Hi-rail cart used on rail to haul large quantities of material or debris

» Zero Turn Excavators equipped with bucket, grapple, magnet or brush cutter, operated by an experienced equipment operator

  • Brush cutter used in clearing tree lines and brush along the railroad tracks
  • Bucket used for ditching, storm drains and storm clean up, loading or unloading ballast from ballast cars

  • Magnet used for sorting, loading or unloading metal material such as tie plates, spikes, metal debris, etc

  • Grapple used to handle ties or any material that must be grabbed

» Backhoe Services

  • C&S Rail Services backhoes are equipped with regular and cribbing buckets and extendable arms with thumbs for work on the railroad

  • C&S Rail Services backhoes are the right choice for a variety of tasks, including:

    • Tie replacement
    • Track lining
    • Cribbing
    • Cutting grade
    • Carrying / dragging rail
    • Tamping up ties
    • Moving track materials
    • Laying out ties for switches during new track construction
    • Removing contaminated soil for site remediation
  • The backhoe is frequently deployed as part of a combo package with one of our dump trucks This combination of one operator and two pieces of equipment provides the right capabilities for the project while maximizing value for the customer.

» Tandem and Tri-axle Dump Trucks operated by an experienced CDL driver

  • Hauling Asphalt, Ballast, Tie Plates, Debris, etc.

Traffic Control

C&S Rail Services offers a variety of traffic control options to fit every customer’s need.

    • Crossing Closures
    • Lane Closures
    • Flagging

Our Traffic Control Coordinators are ATTSSA certified and take pride in maintaining employee and public safety.