National Railroad Safety Services, Inc.

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Contact: Tim Shepherd, VP/Marketing Manager

Other Contact: Debby Shepherd, President/Treasurer
Phone: 877-984-6777

National Railroad Safety Services provides railroad flagging services, roadway worker protection training, track inspection, project management & safety audits for various railroads nationwide. Railroad flagging services are provided at no cost to your railroad. Government agencies, contractors, utility companies and developers that need access to your property, pay for the service. in many cases, you will be able to mark our service up to cover administrative costs or to simply profit from our service. It's like having a department within your organization that is unfunded that you can call upon to provide On Track Safety (OTS) for projects affecting your right of way. Now you have a choice when it comes to these types of projects! Tie up your personnel for sometimes several months or even years to cover several projects reducing your manpower or simply sub it out to NRSS that specializes in these types of projects. In addition, NRSS offers a contractor orientation RWP training program for these same types of projects for contractors that have very little to no knowledge about railroad safety. Simply add their training requirement to your permitting process creating a safer project. Contractors will have a better understanding of OTS and know that there are consequences for breaking your rules. NRSS offers true nationwide service with offices in Cincinnati, OH, Chicago, IL and Arlington, TX. NRSS is currently providing Railroad Flagging Services in NC.