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Other Contact: Bill Whitner, GM Industry/Short Line/Track Inspection
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C&S Rail Services has been in the railroad track maintenance business for years. We know what it takes to keep your track in top operating condition to meet and even exceed standards required by the FRA and your servicing railroads. C&S Rail Services offers these value-added railroad track inspection and track maintenance services to make sure youget the most out of your track investment:

  • Routine Track Inspection

  • Baseline Track Inspection

  • Scheduled Maintenance Program

  • Emergency Response

  • Track Rehabilitation and Construction Services

C&S Rail Services recommends a comprehensive track inspection performed by a qualified track inspector ona scheduled basis at least once a quarter to meet your operating requirements. A thorough track inspection involves walking the entire track, visually evaluating the subgrade, rail, ties, ballast, switches and turnouts. Within a few days of the inspection, we will present a detailed report featuring an overall track evaluation and an assessment of each turnout in the facility.

As part of the track inspection report, we also will provide information on scheduled maintenance services and a longer- term rehabilitation program. This information can be used to develop a capital budget for track infrastructure and to evaluate track rehabilitation scenarios.