S&C Distribution Company

SC 90w7225 Durvan Drive
Tinley Park, IL 60477
Phone: 708-444-4908
Website: www.sandcco.com/
Contact: Christina Jaworski, Assistant Operations Manager

Other Contact: Jon Schaefer, M.I.R.S.E,President
Phone: 708-444-4908
Email: sandccol@sandcco.com

S&C Distribution Company manufactures top of the line railroad signal test equipment, control components and accessories. Our products are unique in that in every country in which we have introduced them, they have found strong and relatively immediate acceptance. Our products are recognized for the competent of their design, the quality of their manufacture and are deemed highly suited to the purpose intended. Newest products, soon to be released are our 300l Locomotive Speed Sensor Tester and 2030lA Message Tapper for use with PTC.