Aberdeen Carolina & Western Railway

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Candor, NC 27229 
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Contact: Jennifer White, President
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Other Contact: Paul Hoben, Director of Business Development
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ACWRsThe Aberdeen Carolina & Western Railway Co. operates in south-central North Carolina from Aberdeen westward to Charlotte and eastward to Gulf, serving businesses in Montgomery, Moore, Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Chatham, and Stanly counties. The company was incorporated in 1987 to purchase the former Norfolk Southern branch from Aberdeen to Star. In 1989 the ACWR leased a line between Charlotte and Gulf as part of the NS “Thoroughbred Shortline Program.”

Commodities carried by the railroad are lumber and forest products, grain and agricultural products, plastics, building materials, propane gas, and solite rock products.
Principal shippers are: Mountaire Farms, Perdue Farms, N. G. Purvis Farms and Talley Farms – producers of feed for poultry; Locust Lumber, Banks Lumber, Jordan Lumber, McDonald Brothers, B & B Supply Company Inc, and Cotton Creek Chip Company –lumber distributors, producers of finished lumber, and wood chips for the pulp and paper industry; American Energy, Oakboro Oil Company, and Texon LP – propane-gas, biodiesel and butane distributors; Polythin – producers of plastics; Standard Mineral – distributors of pyrophyllite; Boral Brick, distributors of bricks; Carolina Stalite – distributors of light aggregate; Gulistan Carpet Inc. – producers of carpet and flooring materials; and McGee Brothers – distributors of machinery

The ACWR runs near the largest stand of hardwoods in the Carolinas, and has access to numerous industrial sites along its lines. Since its inception, the ACWR has upgraded more than 30 miles of its track with 132-pound, continuous-welded rail to handle today’s larger-capacity freight cars.

The ACWR has connections with four railroads: CSX, Norfolk Southern, Aberdeen & Rockfish, and Winston-Salem Southbound.

ACWR at a glance

Miles of track: 160
Connecting Railroads: CSX, Norfolk Southern
Counties Served: Moore, Montgomery, Chatham, Stanly, Cabarrus, Mecklenburg
Industries served: 18
Equipment: 13 locomotives